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07.09.18 11:39 PM By Paul Cantor

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the front door is the gateway to the soul of your home. Aside from providing security, is it a statement? Does it provide need light in an otherwise dark entry area? Is it weathered and tired, or does it welcome guests?   If you are considering selling your home, think of the entry door as the first thing potential buyers will see and touch when entering your house, leaving a lasting impression as well as portending what else your house contains. As homeowners, we often don’t take the time to analyze what someone else’s first impression might be.   Ask any home improvement specialist or Realtor about the importance of curb appeal and they will confirm that how your home looks from the road may mean the difference between a drive by and an appointment to view it. And if you are looking for a good return on investment,  Remodeling Magazine reports that you’ll recoup almost 91 percent of the cost on a steel entry door and nearly 78 percent on the price of a fiberglass one. Go even further and choose one for not only its security but also its architectural appeal, and those percentages may go up.   A  BUILDER Magazine article addresses this when schooling homebuilders on how to make a good first impression on the potential buyers of a new construction home. “Something’s missing. It might be hard to place, and yet they encountered it as soon as they entered the room. Though it might be the last item on your checklist, doors are the absolute first impression of any home. At first, doors might seem like an additional embellishment, but in reality, they should never be an afterthought.”   Builders and architects tend to think about doors as a way of masterfully pulling the whole home together from the entrance throughout the entire home as an experience of function and form, according to the article. “The perfect front door should complement the rest of the building’s exterior while reflecting a vision of the homeowners to the outside world, requiring it to both feel right and look right.”   Even with secondary doors throughout your home’s interior, a mood is set simply by door style: streamlined (solid, tall, flat-panel doors) can make a house feel sleek, modern, and even a bit sexy. Doors with detail can take traditional and transitional into the homey and comfortable realm.   Hardware is also a significant element, whether it’s a matte black handle with uncluttered lines, vintage-style crystal knobs with facets, or brushed brass with substantial heft. Today’s modern farmhouse can reflect traditional with updated vibes by sporting traditional-style doors with classic panel designs and decorative glass. Mid-century modern looks, however, often feature a simpler design with stunning wood grains, as if part of the furniture and entry doors often boast tiny or elongated vertical windows in a contemporary pattern for an understated look.   The doors in your home (especially the entry door) can either upgrade a space or make that space fall flat. While they may not be the focal point of any room, however, doors never fail to make an impact upon entering any home or any room.   Source: TBWS