Until now, if you needed a small commercial mortgage, there was only one way you could get it. For a five-year term, with a balloon payment, and having to put up your home or other personal assets as collateral for your commercial real estate investment. To TrustMor Mortgage, this didn’t make sense. Over the past 18 years (and over $2 billion in residential mortgage loans), TrustMor has built an entire residential mortgage lending approach around more flexibility, more options and a more tailored approach to borrowers. Now, we’re expanding to do the same for business owners as well. As a result, you can now enjoy the same choices, the same flexibility in your small commercial mortgage that bigger borrowers do.

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Your Mortgage Loan, Built To Your Needs

TrustMor works with, and shops, a wide range of wholesale lenders, so when it comes to your commercial mortgage, you can chose the terms and duration that best fit your needs. For example, with TrustMor you don’t have to take out a five-year loan – unless that’s what you wanted in the first place; we also offer ten-, fifteen- and twenty- year mortgages. If you don’t want to make a balloon payment, or to refinance every five years, we offer loans that don’t require you to. And if you don’t want your home or other personal assets to become collateral for your real estate investing, we offer non-recourse loans as well.

Values You Can Trust

At TrustMor, we straightforwardly tell you all you need to know, when you need to know it. We do what we say when we say we’ll do it. We’re there for you when you need help, answers and advice. You can trust us to always make your interests our first priority, and to make the complex mortgage lending process as simple, speedy, painless and glitch-free as humanly possible. If you’re looking to buy, or refinance, any commercial property, please give us a call, so we can put those values to work for you.

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Financing These Properties

                              Stabilized Income Properties
                              Owner Occupied
                              Single Family or Condo Portfolios
                              Office Buildings
                              Office Condos
                              Self Storage

Types Of Loans Offered   

                            Fannie Mae
                            Freddie Mac
                            SBA 504
                            SBA 7a
                            Hard Money Loans
                            Bridge Loans
                            HUD Loans
                            USDA Loans

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