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Case-Shiller Index Standard & Poors released its March 2012 Case-Shiller Index last week. The index is meant to measure changes in home prices from month-to-month, and from year-to-year, in select U.S. cities. According to the report, home values rose in 12 of the Case-Shiller Index's 20 tracked markets, and one ...
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Case-Shiller Index September 2011 Standard & Poor's released its September 2011 Case-Shiller Index this week. The index tracks home price changes in select cities between months, quarters, and years. The Case-Shiller Index for September showed drastic devaluations nationwide. As compared to August, home values fell throughout 1...
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Case-Shiller Annual Changes August 2011

The August 2011 Case-Shiller Index was released this week. On an monthly basis, 10 of 20 tracked markets worsened. On an annual basis, valuation degradation was worse.

Only Detroit and Washington, D.C. posted higher home values in August 2011 as compared to August 2010, rising 2.7% and 0.3%...

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